RFO Datacenter Migration (Resolved)

Affecting Server - | Priority - High

Thanks to the success of recent years, HostSlim has grown steadily.
More and more appealing national and international parties were able to find the way to HostSlim.
A fantastic development that we would like to continue in the future.

Of course in a high quality manner as you are used to from us. In order to guarantee this quality, it is important that all components, elements and parties involved can participate in the desired manner.
In concrete terms, this meant that for a future-proof, ultra-modern ICT infrastructure from HostSlim, we had to migrate to one of the best data centers and location in Europe in a period of one year. Unfortunately our previous provider turned out to be unexpectedly unwilling to join our planning. Frequent consultations unfortunately led to nothing, which forced us to draw this migration forward and only implement it in a few days. Unfortunately, this has meant that we and you, longer than planned, have stood still.

In the meantime, we are again fully engaged with all systems and we are seeing significant changes and benefits in the capacities of our new environment for you as a user. Several customers have already let us know that everything runs faster, offers better performance and has been extremely stable since the day before.
Our DDoS protection has also been fully implemented. Now that everything is running, we are proud of the result. We realize that the road towards it was better served by our annual planning, but now we can benefit from our state of the art ICT infrastructure. And that in one of the best conceivable locations in Europe. Ready for future growth and developments.

The towers have a service that has been about continuity for 60 years. The towers are the only public data center part of the Dutch infrastructure and therefore have unprecedented, redundant basic facilities. And not only cooling and power are redundant. We have also laid out our network redundantly, both physically and on an ip-transit basis. Literally and figuratively we bring our services to you at the highest possible level.

We would like to thank you again for the understanding, the loyalty and the patience we have put to the test last week. We will not harm your trust and reward you with the best quality service, online performance and security you could wish for in the coming period. HostSlim therefore likes to remain your innovative and enthusiastic partner. And with our new location, layout and provider, we can now guarantee that in the future.

Of course it would be more than fair that we'll compensate the time you've not been able to use your service. That's why we will credit your account with 10 days of service credit. If you'd like us to credit your account, then please create a ticket here.

Also: please make sure you check your client account and VPS Control panel. It's highly likely that your VPS main IP has been changed. If you have any questions about this - please open a ticket as well under support/NOC.

An exact RECAP of the move can be found below:

25/6 18:00: Engineers were at the old datacenter collecting the hardware / demounting / deracking
25/6 21:00: Engineers were on-route to our new tower facility
25/6 22:15: Engineers arrived at the new datacenter location and started re-mounting servers in the racks
26/6 09:00: All servers were mounted and booted up. There was a problem with the routers and the IP-Upstream settings. Network engineers have allerted. There was a delay in response from the NOC of the peering providers and the explenation of the issue. It took 24 hours from them to report back with a full report
27/6: There was still network loss in the network due to faulty settings and communication issues with the internet exchanges. Engineers are working on the issue.
28/6: Transit providers corrected the right settings on their part and our engineers corrected the settings in our network.
29/6: ALL Ip transit is functional and services are working properly.
30/6: A large DDOS attack was at a few clients their services. Due to a configuration fault at one of our Transit providers (Unet) the DDoS protection wasn't configured properly in their systems yet, which caused a part of the VPS clients networks to nullroute. DDoS engineers have been deployed.
1/7: The DDoS protection has been activated which led us to being able to release all transit traffic to the network for the VPS nodes. Everything is back to normal for our clients.

Although we've worked very hard to keep the discomfort and downtime to a minimum. We are aware that we could have communicated way better towards our clients via Social Media. We have created a new NOC procedure to make sure in the future our clients will be kept up-to-date on any network or system errors and better our communication from the NOC.

We thank you very much for your understanding and would be extremely honored if we could build into the future with you.

With kind regards,
HostSlim NOC team

Date - 07/09/2018 12:15 - 10/26/2018 11:58

Last Updated - 07/09/2018 12:16

Server 1 Outage (Resolved)

Affecting Server - panel.hostslayer.com | Priority - High

We are aware of an outage on Server 1 this is being investigated right now and we hope to have this situation solved as soon as possible. 

Please bear with us while we are working to get this situation solved. 

We will provide any updates that unfold,

Thank you.

Date - 11/20/2017 18:50

Last Updated - 11/21/2017 01:29


Affecting Server - | Priority - Critical

There have been various reports about botnets being hosted on our network. Our piers and datacenter put a halt on our network until further investigation, we are dealing with this issue carefully and working with various organization like SpamHaus, to take care a good look into this issue by submitting them all LOGS representing to those abusers whom they decided to abuse our service by hosting illegal content and violated our term of service.

This issue has been resolved today at 12PM pacific standard time.
We are extremely sorry about the issue that caused this. We will answer any concerns you have regarding this incident.
Best regards,
HostSlayer Team.

Date - 06/07/2017 00:00 - 06/09/2017 15:12

Last Updated - 06/09/2017 15:12

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