OpenVZ Anti-Abuse Script

OpenVZ Custom Script's to Stop Abuse

We have a built-in custom script on our dedicated servers to stop malicious/abusing customers who decide to use our VPS and break our term of service. The script was implanted for a purpose and that is to make sure that every client has a fair chance to use the VPS without having problems due to other clients abusing the VPS.

Information Regarding the Script.

Below is a list of all feature our anti-abuse script looks for every minute.

Scirpt Features:

  • Outgoing and Incoming DoS(DDoS)/Flood attacks ( Outgoing 100 Mbps )
  • Outgoing mass mailing ( More than 500 STMP connections in 1minute interval )
  • CPU Abuse ( 75% or more )
  • I/O Abuse ( 1,000,000 Read/Write )
  • VPS Load Abuse (Max Load "20")
  • IP Blacklisted ( Your IP being listed on any IP blacklisting website )
  • SSH Connections ( More than 100 concurrent connections )

Script Details:

  • For the following features; DDoS/Flood, Common Exploit Scripts, Mass Mailing, IP Blacklist. Your VPS will get suspended and in order to get unsuspended you must open a support ticket to to get unsuspended and re-stablished. If we continue to see abuse we will have to terminate your service and cancel your account WITHOUT A REFUND. 
  • For the following features; CPU Abuse, VPS Load Abuse. Your VPS will be shutdown for 6minutes or reboot depending on how bad the abuse is. In order for this to stop you must write to our ABUSE TEAM with the reason of why we should whitelist your vps from this script which is only triggered on abusive VPS.

Script Public Code :

  • OpenVZ Anti Abuse Script, SolusVM OpenVZ Anti Abuse Script
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